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Whole Story is a professional training team specializing in story-rich learning experiences for groups and individuals at all levels of leadership. 

Whole Story emerges out of a single shared and sustained belief: bold story strategies combined with masterful facilitation and research-backed design, contain within it an antidote for isolation experienced in our modern workplace, and world.

At our core, we are a team of artist and pedagogical solutionaries. 

Our commitment—wherever we are invited in— is to an embodied ethic of justice, belonging and wholeness. 

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Michelle Mush Lee, Founder 


What We Know 

For the last decade, our team has studied and spoken to the symptoms, systems and sources of hope and inequity in the workplace, and our world. Here's are 3 common inquiries leaders of all levels in the arts, education and nonprofit sectors we hear again and again:

  • How do I understand equity as a long-term strategy? Purpose-driven professionals are seeking sustainability templates for long-term institutional change. Whole Story is committed to inquiry-based solutions that effectively shift the 'institutional needle' towards diversity, inclusion and equity, for the long haul.  
  • Where's the soul? Today's generation of emergent leaders are vigorously seeking new models of leadership rooted in true connection and professional intimacy, in order to facilitate deep and lasting growth. Whole Story values a leader's capacity to authentically connect with colleagues, and one's organizational mission, as a core workplace competency. 
  • Can Whole Story help use story our work? Absolutely! We recognize there a ton of leadership trainings that are educational and invigorating but don't always provide a clear frame for how to apply new knowledge. Whole Story offers concrete applications of our methods, as well as consideration to new adaptations of our strategies that work best within the context of your organization.



We take an unconventional approach through telling personal stories of hope and injustice. During the Story portion of our training model, we create a shared language to sift through to the source of symptoms and systems. 




Close study of systems in the world, and in your own organization. What is the purpose of a system? And what values and dispositions do systems main and/or disrupt?



We work with you to develop a 12-month action plan by investigating promising systems and habits that make an idea sustainable.


Our Team

The Awesome People Behind The Work


Mariah Rankine-Landers, Senior Learning Strategist

Mariah's work and writings have been featured on The Electric Company (PBS), Yerba Buena Center for the Arts, Harvard School of Education, The Teaching Channel and Happy Black Girl. She says, “At the heart of my practice is a belief that students should have the opportunity to examine and understand life by engaging in it through the role of the arts. The artistic mind offers a lens on life that supports people’s ontological being rounded in full perspectives-a broader understanding of the social-emotional, political, physical, existential, economic, and ecological complexities that we all embody.”



JESSA BRIE MORENO, Senior learning Strategist

is Co-Director of School Transformation Through the Arts and the Integrated Learning Specialist Program with Mariah Rankine-Landers, out of the Alameda County Office of Education. Moreno is Assistant Professor at the California Institute for Integral Studies and Theatre Arts Lecturer with San Jose State University. She is founding director of award-winning student theatre company OakTechRep and the Oakland Theatre Arts Initiative. Her passions are theatre, directing, acting, story circles and firing up mirror neurons through empathetic listening.


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