Storytelling for #Boss Leaders Course Only

Storytelling for #Boss Leaders Course Only


*** Live Coaching sessions with Mush are not included in this program.***

Storytelling for #Boss Leaders is an online course and coaching experience created to help vibrant, innovative leaders create masterful personal and professional stories for their next presentation or pitch!

This program includes access to all online videos, worksheets, activities, reader and resources.

Each week, as a Story Leader, you’ll be introduced to a new narrative concept, as well as tips and techniques for applying these tools in your work as a leader.

By the end of the course you’ll:

  1. create a Whole Story Kit that includes a compelling script of a leadership story that can be used in any pitch, speech, keynote, and presentation;

  2. identify a framework that includes 2-3 core concepts that serve as North Stars to a) our organizational methodology or b.) your personal leadership style;

  3.  research and unpack a list of signature practices that serve as hallmarks of your business/organizational mission, vision and values;

  4. learn to apply story strategies from the course in your own life and with those you lead with!