Storytelling for #Boss Leaders Online Course + LIVE COACHING

Storytelling for #Boss Leaders Online Course + LIVE COACHING


Storytelling for #Boss Leaders is a 4-week digital course and story-rich cohort that helps leaders of all levels create compelling stories for their next presentation or pitch.

  • Learn Story Strategies

Each week, we’ll dive into a new story concept and practice used by industry leaders in the fields of business, education, creativity, technology and innovation. We’ll get a chance to workshop simple techniques for applying these strategies in your presentation or role as a leader. You’ll also be introduced to the Whole Story framework, an integrated and culturally-resonant approach to leadership and public speaking.

One of the most useful frameworks and strategies we’ll unpack in the course is Organizational Storytelling (OS). OS is an organizing framework and leadership technique that helps people make sense of your company through individual stories and shared narratives. Organizational Storytelling mirrors a mission statement but enriches it in the way it weaves personal stories together to identify prescient through lines.

Live Group Coaching

In weekly group coaching sessions, which we call Digital Story Cyphers, you’ll connect to a robust community of creative leaders who love storytelling as much as you do! These sessions provide you a dedicated space to ask clarify questions about the course, workshop new ideas and safely pitch half-baked scripts. The group coaching sessions are structured to facilitate a challenging and safe space for learning, connection and intimacy—all vital ingredients necessary for new and meaningful learning. (We leverage technology for our needs—not the other way around!)

  • Worksheets and Printable Lessons

By the end of the course you’ll:

  1. create 1-2 edited scripts of a leadership story that can be used in any pitch, speech, keynote or future presentation;

  2. identify your company/organization’s unique methodology and habits of success;

  3. define signature practices that serve as hallmarks of your company/organization’s mission and promise;

  4. learn to apply and adapt the story strategies used in the course with your own team and communities of practice for deeper impact and broader representation of the voices and experiences at the heart of your work;

  5. create a Story Kit that includes all of the material assets above for you to keep as a personal artifact or one you present back to your team / organization for generative thinking and team building. A Story Kit can also be adapted to be used as an on boarding / training tool for new hires, as well as a communications and messaging companion in your organization’s strategic plan process or major campaigns and initiatives.