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Secrets out—masterful storytelling is a 21st century leadership skill.

More than ever, the world is ready for powerful stories from diverse storytellers and leaders in every field. Think TEDTalks and Oprah’s Super Soul Conversations. Think about the explosion of the podcasting world. Imagine the most memorable keynote speakers at some of your favorite conferences.

What’s the through line?

You guessed it! Leaders who understand the function of storytelling in professional spaces and who’ve discovered the secret to sharing those stories in a way that’s simple and sacred.

Masterful storytelling as a leader takes practice and knowledge. But it’s absolutely do-able! You just need to break down and understand the components of storytelling.


Organizational Storytelling is a technique that helps people make sense of your organization through individual stories and group narratives. Organizational Storytelling mirrors and enriches a mission statement in the way it weaves strands of personal stories while connecting those stories to prescient through lines.


This course was created for you if you identify with at least one of the following leader archetypes:

  1. The Brave Heart

You’re a rising leader.

You’re a few years into your career. You’re an ambitious, new entrepreneur or you’ve recently transitioned into a brand new field where you’re taking in lots of new information. It’s exciting (and totally terrifying)! You’re the kind of leader who views their career as an extension of personal values. You’ve developed the vision, the know-how and the confidence it takes to land or launch your dream job. The only problem is…. you need help talking about your impact with the world in a way that’s simple, inspires and aligns with a greater mission! You deeply value process, reflection and communication techniques that honor your natural-born swag—a very important leadership skill!!

Your Mantra:I understand by doing. I am committed to new frameworks to help architect my unique story as a rising boss or leader.”

2. The North Star

You’re an executive leader or supervisor.

You wear every hat that’s ever been stitched and worn in the history of hats that’ve been stitched and worn.

You value candor and radical imagination. Influenced by your greatest supervisors and mentors, your leadership style is one that thrives from working and thinking outside-of-the-box.

You’re a gifted visionary who is stewarding a dynamic team of organizational leaders. You’re also completely at capacity! You need an affordable professional learning program that can help mentor your rockstar team into deeper levels of understanding about your organizational mission and values.

Your Mantra: “The smartest person in the room is The Room. I am committed to building an even stronger team with the capacity to lead authentically, with the ability personalize the stories they tell in the world about the collective impact of our work.”

3. The Way Maker

You’re a pioneering leader who has used innovative strategies to pave new paths and inroads.

You’ve built one-of-a-kind services and programs, developed processes and architected systems that your supervisors, team and collaborators have come to know and love you for. People come to you for career advice, organizational knowledge and best practices—you know the work inside and out! The only problem is…. you’re not sure how to synthesize this important knowledge. You feel alone in your work at times because… you’re creating it as you go! You need someone in your corner to help you make meaning of the skills you’ve honed over the years in a structure that’s part seminar, part professional coaching and part ritual brunch with A1 friends!

Your Mantra:I am the protagonist in the story never read to me. I will identify and connect the dots across the most significant stories in my life to shape a narrative even bigger than myself. And I will do it on my own timeline, with the right opportunity and instructor that puts me in control of my own learning.”

4. The Phoenix

You’re a new parent / a career-shifter / an enterprising leader / a mid-career-crisis-haver.

(Totally been there, done all of that.)

You’re going through big, important transformation. For most of your adult life, you’ve prided yourself on being able to solve your way through most dilemmas, personal or professional. At the moment, you’re at a nexus of discovery, re-birth and creation. And you’re not afraid of saying it like it is—and what it is is H-A-R-D! But you’re gift has always been to seen the #levelup possibility in life’s most difficult moments.

Your Mantra:I am letting go of the stories that no longer serve me. I will reframe my story so that it points in the new direction of where I’m heading.”

(And for the record, I’ve absolutely been here. And I want to share everything I know about the power of narrative and change with you!)

5. The Alchemist

You’re a creative leader whose job is to built bridges between organizations, communities and worlds.

You’re a writer, a consultant, a journalist, a teaching artist, a creative director, a chef / restaurant owner, a gallery curator, a rare leader who serves diverse, complex communities. You’re seeking human-centered models of leadership and professional kinship.

Your Mantra: I want to lead and be led by love. I want to learn new methods to lift up stories that remind the world of our shared humanity.”


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